New Venture Planning

New Venture Planning


So you are ready to launch that new venture and you are very excited about the potential of your ideas, but you need some funding to make your dream a reality. Or you may even have your own funds set aside for the business. You may be certain that your idea will succeed, but you are unsure of the process involved to achieve it. You may be an individual investor seeking to tap into an opportunity or a large company looking to launch a new subsidiary, add a new line of business or enter a new market.

Investors and financial institutions expect to see a business plan when you approach them. Even if you have your own funds set aside for the new venture, a strategic business plan will help you anticipate challenges and plan for efficient use of funds. We can help. Our services include:

Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

We can help you assess the feasibility of a venture, develop a concept note or a full business plan that is not just a fund raising tool but a living strategic planning and management blueprint to guide the business as it grows.

Financial Advisory & Fund Raising

We leverage our relationships in the investment community to connect you to best-fit sources of new venture and growth finance in Nigeria and overseas. We understand the different deal structure requirements and risk acceptance criteria of commercial and investment bankers, development finance institutions and private equity firms. We are well positioned to develop a mix of financing strategies that deliver an optimal capital structure to minimize your cost and enhance your returns.

We also assist with optimal application of capital to your venture or project, in the form of effective funds management that optimizes the yield on idle funds, enhances your financial flexibility and helps you meet your financial obligation to all business partners – lenders, suppliers, employees, investors, regulatory agencies, etc.

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